Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple Home Staging For a More Appealing Photo

Here is a example of how a little simple home staging can greatly change the look and feel of a photo. Below we have a nice small table in a well lit room. Its cozy, bright and clean but it lacks any real wow factor. The chairs are pushed in under the table and the table is empty and boring. The space basically feels dull and uninviting. In order to change the look and feel of the room, I spent about 3 minutes preparing it to be photographed. Luckily every thing I needed was already in the home.

I am by no means a professional home stagger, but I do know that the key to home staging is to present the home in a manner to which potential home buyers can envision themselves living comfortably in the home. So I took a small plant from the kitchen, salt and pepper shaker and added some colorful funky plates and mugs. Adding these few things greatly improves the over all look and feel of a photo. Another easy thing to make the space more inviting was just a matter of opening up the chairs. As you can see doing so creates a much more flattering composition.



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